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Pipeline-Collective announces its Playground Series: Solo Play,

scheduled for the week of January 6!

Pipeline's inaugural Playground Series featured seven new works: plays, poetry, and a podcast. Our winter edition embraces both the simplicity and the promise of the season by inviting storytellers of all stripes to share one-person pieces in the intimate Belmont Little Theatre.

You are:

  • A fearless storyteller. You have a one-person show you're burning to perform, whether it's already written but unproduced, or it's something you've been meaning to write but haven't had the kick in the pants to write it. Or maybe there's a small group of you that wants to put up an evening of thematically-linked short solo pieces. Or maybe you've got a playwright friend who will write a piece just for you. Or maybe you want to do a stunning solo performance art piece. There's a bevy of possibilities -- dream big, but think SOLO.

  • Eager to perform your solo piece off-book. We're opening submissions early so you'll have plenty of time to write, to memorize, and to kiss safety nets goodbye.

  • Willing to put in the preparation time. You’ll need to finalize your script, perhaps partner with a playwright and/or director, manage rehearsals, secure production rights (if needed), and spread the word to your friends and family.

  • Available for rehearsal time in the space prior to the event.


Pipeline will:

  • Co-produce your work.

    • ​​We’ll provide marketing support, including social media, web-hosted content, and programs.

    • We’ll work with you to program minimal light and sound cues. 

    • We'll provide a board op and box office staff, as well as insurance for your time in the space.

    • We'll liaise with AEA on your behalf if you're a union member.

    • We'll arrange up to two hours of in-space rehearsal and tech time.


The fine print:

  • The proposal deadline is October 15.

  • Solo Play performances will be scheduled around Pipeline's mainstage performance schedule. Your production must utilize Pipeline’s existing theatre configuration. In addition, there may be minimal scenic elements from our mainstage production that you will need to work around and/or incorporate into your show.

  • You will incur any production-related expenses not covered by the “Pipeline will” terms above.

  • Playground shows are Pay What You Can, collected at the door. Pipeline will evenly divide your event’s gross proceeds with you.

  • Pipeline is the final arbiter of all submissions and proposals.

  • Your submission confirms your acceptance of these terms and your availability. If Pipeline selects your project for its Playground Series, be ready to play!

Ready to submit? Complete the submission form and we'll be in touch!

Questions? Concerns? Want to bounce ideas off of us before you officially submit? Drop us an email.

Our goal is to make "dark nights" a thing of the past by creating more opportunities for Nashville's hungriest theatremakers to make theatre. Come play on the Playground!

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