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The Indictment Project 

or  The Jack Smith Reader's Theatre

The Indictment Project dramatizes an accurate recitation of the text of Document 1, Filed 08/01/23, 

pertaining to Case 1:23-cr-00257-TSC, in the matter of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. Donald J. Trump.

Inspired by the Living Newspapers of the Federal Theatre Project, 

The Indictment Project not only breathes life into an important contemporary text -- and aids the desire of Special Council Jack Smith that, "everyone read it in full" -- but also illustrates how a diverse cross section of American citizens can individually interpret such imminently compelling dramatic material.

We hope you enjoy this collage of community, creativity, and (alleged) criminality.

Directed by

David Ian Lee



Joseph Alaimo

Jonathan Alexandratos

Sarah Motes Ashley

Darius Aushay

Allyson K. Bahr

Zakiya Baptiste

Lyric deBruyn

Zane deBruyn

Mickey Burdick

Yolie Canales

Verónica del Cerro

Panit Chantranuluck

Heather E. Cunningham

Bryan Curtis

Chelsea Curto

Mike Daisey

Kass Dowell

L. Jay Edenmeyer

Nick Ericksen

David Errigo Jr.

marzipan eyrie

Dave Fennoy

Galen Fott

Dominic Gross

Cammy Harris

Gregory D. Hicks

Hunter Hudson

Ren Jackson

Jenifer Jonassen

Mara Junot

Chandler Kim

Shawn Knight

Rachel Lacina

David Ian Lee


Emmalee Manes

Brooke Maroldi

Kate McGunagle

Grania McKirdie

Gillean Walsh McLean

Sabrina J. Moore

Samia Mounts

Henry Graham Murray

Beth Anne Musiker

Sarah O’Connell

Al Oltmanns

Jenny C. Paul

Duncan Pflaster

Tamara PiLar

Jordan Reynolds

Ronald Román-Meléndez

J. Rumberger

Greg Ryan

Allison Sokolowski

Caton Taylor

Sofia Tosches

Michael Walley

Brooke West

Hananiah Wiggins

Harrison Young


Graphic Design by Galen Fott

“Y.M.C.A” courtesy of Ukulele Sisters

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