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Pipeline-Collective invites you to enjoy

the simplicity and the promise of the season

with these new solo plays!

January 8th, 7pm


featuring Lori Fischer* with Daniel Black

Set in a small town just outside of Nashville, this slice-of-life comedic play with music is a genuine look into the hearts

of everyday people.  As the proprietor, Barbara Jean, tries to figure out “When is it courageous and when is it just plain crazy to hang on to love,” her customers come in and take a load off by sharing their funny, heartbreaking humanity.  Throughout it all, the wacky DJ from WATR, the local radio station, breaks in with local news, commercials about baldness and whole slew of quirky, unforgettable toe-tapping songs.


January 9th, 7pm

ROSA IN RED by Arabelle Pollick

featuring Tamara Todres

Rosa accepts the inevitable. There's only one question left: how to start a revolution?    


RAZZ-MAN by Matt Rhoden

featuring Chris Bosen

It's been a long season, especially for left-fielder, Ryan Bagley. Why won't Razz-Man let him be?


ARTHUR AND GENA written and performed by Bethany Fagan

August 1972, Arthur and Gena meet in the back of a New Orleans club. Trumpets blaring, cobblestone streets, and a book passed back and forth for over thirty years. Every heartbreak, revelation, and hidden secret in pen and ink hidden on the third shelf in a forgotten thrift store... until today. 


January 10th, 7pm

SLOPPY BONNIE by Krista Knight

directed by Leah Lowe, composed by Barry Brinegar, and featuring Arabelle Pollick

Deeply moved by some long-forgotten Julia Roberts vehicle, special-ed teacher Bonny (nee Bonita nee ‘Sloppy Bonny’ when she’s drunk), sets out on what she hopes will be an inspirational road trip to be with her lover, who has ghosted her ever since she broke off her engagement with her former-fiancé. Her arrival brings reckoning and closure as she forces her lover to face the victims of his ghosting. A one-woman play about feminine toxicity with a country western

Marilyn Monroe as a hapless serial killer.

LA BELLA NOIR NOIR, written and performed by Patriq James
Venture through “The Beautiful Black Black” to experience the importance of darkness. This striking piece of performance art advocates for the artist in all of us, provoking thought and facing fear of the unknown. Bring an open mind and your charged cell phone!


All Playground shows are pay-what-you-can at the Belmont Little Theatre!

* - Member, Actors' Equity Association. Pipeline-Collective produces under the Actors' Equity Members' Project Code.

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