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Join Pipeline-Collective at the Belmont Black Box Theatre

for pay-what-you can readings of homegrown new works!   

July 21

7pm: DEFINING HOME conceived by Beth Anne Musiker*

Music direction by Tim Hayden

featuring performers Lauren F. Jones, Shelby Jones, Ryan Link*, and Beth Anne Musiker*

and musicians Luke Easterling, Tim Hayden, Ryan Link*, and Brad Williamson

A musical exploration of the places, people and things we all call "home,"
featuring a small ensemble of performers and musicians.


featuring Joe Cash, Brooke Muriel Ferguson, Jonah M. Jackson, Andrew Johnson,

Joe Leitess, and Sarah Katherine Zanotti

They're back! Join this group of local storytellers for a live recording

of this actual-play RPG podcast. Dice will roll and chaos will ensue

in this brand new adventure from The Quest Company!

July 22


New book reading! Well-mannered Bee has always kept a meticulous diary. When her life falls apart, she learns that keeping it all in will only make you explode. 

also at 7pm: HERE OR THERE by Matthew Clark​

Directed by Benji Kern

featuring Daysha Collins, Drew Flickering, Cody Hartman,

Terry Occhiogrosso, and Erica Patterson

As Kate grapples with a life-changing decision in the bus station of her small town,

the lives of those around her keep going. With the clock ticking and pressure increasing,

Kate has to decide before the last bus leaves. 

9pm: WE GATHER TOGETHER by Judy Klass

Directed by Lane Wright

featuring Christen Heilman, Judy Jackson, Emily Steele, and Lane Wright

As the Davenport family gathers for Thanksgiving 2018, 
tensions from the 2016 election still divide them ...

July 23

7pm: SEARCY AND FIAMENGO IN CONCERT by Liam Searcy & Daniel Fiamengo

featuring Liam Searcy and Daniel Fiamengo with Brooke Bucher, Easton Curtis,

Collin Felter Drew Flickinger, Hatty King, Austin Querns, Wyatt Roby,  and Emily Urbanski

You are invited to an intimate concert of musical theatre songs by Searcy and Fiamengo.
After workshopping two different original works this summer, the writing team will have a small band and a group of Nashville vocalists explore their music like never before! 

July 24

7pm: THE SUICIDE APP by Brooks Egerton

Directed by James Crawford*

featuring Lydia Klaus, Mark Krawczyk*, Blair Webber, and Cheryl White*

Dear Doctor: Could you turn a blind eye to a few self-destructive patients …

if it might save many more lives down the road?

9pm: HOW TO GET FAMOUS by Lori Fischer*

Directed by Beki Baker

featuring Chip Arnold*, Brooke Bethel, Lori Fischer*, Matt Garner,*

Diego Gomez, Jonah Jackson, and Bekcy Wahlstrom

A comedy about a hilarious but talent-free woman obsessed with becoming famous

on reality TV who discovers a bigger-than-life drama when her relationship fails

and her ex-con father moves in. ​



All Playground shows are pay-what-you-can at the Belmont Black Box Theatre!

* - Member, Actors' Equity Association. Pipeline-Collective produces under the Actors' Equity Members' Project Code.

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