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The cast of Outside of Here featured a dynamic ensemble of nearly three-dozen actors who call Nashville their home. 

Due to the global pandemic, most of these actors had not performed in front of a live audience in over a year and a half. 

In the spirit of Claudia Barnett's daring and audacious Outside of Here, the first time they performed together was before a broadcast audience on October 2. 

Pic Benenson Cruz_edited_edited_edited.j
Headshot IMG_2470 edited 11-15-17_edited
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Rebekah Alexander, Matthew Benenson Cruz, Rona Carter, Joel Diggs, & Rosemary Fossee

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Pic Kiev (1)_edited_edited_edited_edited
Beckett School Photo.jpeg


Galen Fott, Diego Gomez, Denice Hicks, Josh Inocalla, Jonah Jackson, Josh Kiev, & Beckett Harrison Lee

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Pic McCallum.jpg
Pic McIntyre.jpeg
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Sabrina Birdine-Moore (HS)_edited.jpg


Ang Madaline-Johnson, Leslie Marberry, Mary McCallum, Kate McGunagle, Nat McIntyre, René Millán, & Sabrina Moore

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Pic Pasto-Crosby_edited.jpg
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Beth Anne Musiker, Gerold Oliver, Eric Pasto-Crosby, Eve Petty, Taryn Pray, Natalie Rankin, & Elliott Robinson

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J.R. Robles, Jordan Scott, Tamiko Robinson Steele, Karen Sternberg, Shawn Whitsell, Garris Wimmer, & Sarah Zanotti

Outside of Here w_out background.png

Directed by David Ian Lee & Melinda Sewak

Produced by Pipeline-Collective

David Ian Lee & Karen Sternberg, Producing Artistic Directors

Associate Producer ... Cameron McCasland

Technical Director ... Samantha Burns & J.R. Robles

NECAT Technical Team ... Samantha Burns, Alex Keenum, Will Ybarra

Production Design Consultant ... Phillip Franck

Costume Designer ... Eric Franzen

Sound Designer ... Eli Van Sickel 

Graphic Design ... Walter Francis Lee 

Production Support ... Alex Drinnen, David Johnson

Covid Protocols Consultant ... Sejal Mehta, M.D.

Certified Covid Compliance Officer ... David Ian Lee

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