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About Johnna Adams' WORLD BUILDERS:

When Whitney and Max are “willingly compelled” into a clinical drug trial to eradicate their schizoid personality disorders -- and their shared ability to create vivid realms and alternate realities -- they risk losing their worlds to find one another. 

About Mac Rogers' GOD OF OBSIDIAN:

Alice and Natalie are hopeful lovers who find themselves at the edge of the woods. To reach Natalie’s house, you first must cross an “old, gnarled, Brothers Grimm-type” bridge.

It’s an easy bridge to cross – once. 

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Tickets for mainstage shows are $15 each, or order tickets to both shows for just $20.

Pipeline-Collective's performances will be at the Belmont Little Theatre

on the Belmont University campus. Click here for a map.

This production is being presented under the auspices of the Actors' Equity Association Members' Project Code. 

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